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DEDICATED TO EXCELLENCE. OUR PEOPLE AND OUR PRODUCTS demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards for serving the visually impaired.

PERSONAL SERVICE. Maressa Fox and her helpers are your "Cane Contact" persons; and they are "dedicated to the needs of the customer".

EXPERIENCED. For 17 years, Revolution Enterprises has been manufacturing the highest quality Advantage Graphie Canes and we now offer comparable construction quality in Aluminum Canes. Revolution proudly holds the distinction of providing the highest value "state-of-the-art" canes available worldwide. 



QUALITY BENEFITS Custom designed grips contoured to fit comfortably and provide excellent feel and durability. Tip options to suit all preferences made from high performance polymers and sealed ball bearings.


GRAPHITE CANE SPECIAL FEATURES. Impact absorbing shock rings at each joint improve feel and wear. Precion ground joints will not stick.


• "THIS CANE IS A LIFESAVER. WE LOVE YOUR CANES! In an auto accident my cane became stuck and my husband's went underneth and there was no damage to the canes." Lee & John Logan, Glendale Heights, IL

• "I WILL ALWAYS USE A RELIABLE, DURABLE REVOLUTION CANE...they are the lightest and most durable...the joints withstand virtually any stress and they are the longest lasting" george Abbott, Oak Park, IL

• "I LOVE YOUR TRULY REVOLUTIONARY CANE AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT...lighter weight, more durable, ease in section separation...snaps into place quickly..." Linda Gehres, Columbus, OH

"THE CANE IS A DELIGHT TO USE ON ALL COUNTS. I REALLY ENJOY MOVING AROUND WITH IT...considerably lighter, easier to carry, wrist fatigue is mimimized. It is lflexible, versatile and resilient." Audrey, Dublin, Ireland

• "NEW TECHNOLOGY IS ENABLING THE VISUALLY HANDICAPPED TO BE WHOLE PEOPLE AGAIN: my life has been revolutionized thanks to an advanced design of white sticks; transformed by modern technology into a stylish accessory, make life more fun." Martin Page London, England