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CANE CARRIER. Nylon pouch for folding cane models. Velcro closure. Clips or attaches through any belt. $8.00 with cane purchase; $10.00 without cane purchase.


GRIPS. Custom designed and manufactured by a top-quality golf grip specialist. Left:Kid's Grip: round, textured. Right: Adult Grip; smooth, contoured

GEDDES READER. CCTV technology that is convenient, compact and affordable


MEETS ALL OF YOUR VIEWING NEEDS. Great for Reading, Enlarging Photos, Signing Documents. Easy to rotate camera. Makes you daily life easier by making the world larger. Magnifies up to 50 times. Now you can have every TV in your home work as a large print reader. You don't have to be tied to one room in your home to read anymore. The size of the Geddes Reader makes it perfect for travel also. It plugs into any TV with a video jack. You don't need a large area to set-up to read. Make your photos bigger than life with the great color the camera delivers. Great for any of those hard to see hobbies that you lost interest in because things were just too hard to see. The rotating head of the Geddes Reader makes it perfect for signing those hard to read documents of your day-to-day chores. Thank you for taking the time to review the latest in CCTV technololy. My name is David Hadzicki, and I'm shown above. The Geddes Reader was brought to my attention by my distributor in England. When I saw the quality, size and the ability to plug into any TV I knew this was a winner for our customers. I'm writing today knowing you're going to see the same great value I did at the price of $295.